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Windows 7 End of Support: The Countdown Begins

In technology, there are often terms that don’t translate easily to the layperson. Today’s topic is not one as most people can surmise the meaning of “End of Support.” So, let’s talk about how this relates to tech, specifically Windows 7.

If you have not heard already, Windows 7 will reach its end of support on January 14, 2020. This means Microsoft will stop supporting this software, including security updates and customer service. As of this date, Microsoft will no longer fix program flaws or bugs, offer technical assistance, or release automatic updates.

Now this does not mean your computer will cease to function at midnight, January 14, 2020. However, it means that continuing to operate a Windows 7 system will drastically increase your security risks. As we have shared in the past, security is an increasingly important consideration when it comes to IT so we recommend preparing for this technological milestone.

Fear not! We will be here to help you over the next 18 months as we all make this transition together. Keep an eye on our blog, social media, and email newsletter for useful tools to help you and your business best prepare. As always, we are only a quick call or email way so please contact us directly with any questions about making this shift.



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