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October is Cyber Security Month

This month is National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Have you ever thought about your security online? Do you take necessary steps to make sure that you are being safe with your information, the sites you view, your own site’s security, password security and even social media?

Most people don’t think about these things, but we are now in a time and age where this needs to be top-of-mind for us daily.

This year’s theme for cyber security is “OWN IT, SECURE IT, PROTECT IT.” Promoting personal accountability and positive behavior for online safety.

We need to proactive at home and at work to make sure that we are all protected, so take these preemptive steps and implement them into your everyday lives.

  1. “Own it”
    • You need to understand your digital presence.
    • Since our devices have such easy access to the online world 24/7, we have to increase our security systems so we aren’t so exposed.
    • Although there are definite pros to having constant connection such as innovation and advancement, there are cons that come with it, such as the higher risk of cyber threats to having access to your personal information.
    • Know your devices
    • Know your apps and what you allow them to do
  2. “SECURE IT”
    • Understand what you can do to make your digital profile secure
      • Learn about security features on equipment/software you use daily
      • Use 2-factor authentication for your devices, apps and websites with valuable information on it or Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
    • Be observant!
      • Even if you have a Multi-Factor Authentication set up on your accounts, a new kind of threat has shown itself…relying on us (the users) to click a link, reply to an email, send money…etc.
      • Look at the person who is sending you an email. The name might look familiar but look closer at the actual email and the picture icon. This is where the cyber-attackers lack in detail.
      • ” According to the research, 99% of cyber-attacks now rely on a person taking an action—clicking a link, opening an attachment, falling for a scam. “The instincts of curiosity and trust,” Proofpoint says, “ lead well-intentioned people to click, download, install, open, and send money or data—instead of attacking systems and infrastructure, threat actors focused on people, their roles within an organization, the data to which they had access, and their likelihood to ‘click here’” (
    • Make sure you routinely check your privacy settings on all accounts to keep those cybercriminals at bay!

Don’t dig your head in the sand, make sure that you are protecting yourself and your company! For security and malware prevention, give us a call at 865-573-5303 for our Customer Care department or call our Marketing Coordinator, Amber, at 865-333-6531 and we can give you an in person presentation of how we can help protect your business.

If you think you may have been security issues and think you need help or a second opinion of what you should have, give us a shout!

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