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The broad scope of the term NETWORKING:

Almost every business today uses at least one computer to help them get their job done. If you have more than one, then most likely they are talking to each other, and you my friend, have a network! Maintaining the efficiency and integrity of that network is vital, and we can provide the planning, infrastructure, hardware and know-how to support it.

After more than 28 years in the industry we have the experience of maintaining networks that pre-date Windows and ethernet cable, all the way to today’s complex Windows Server 2008 and Exchange environments.

Custom Cabling:

New construction or existing architecture, we will help plan and implement your telephone wiring and network cabling using current CAT6 Gigabit standards.

Client/Server Environments:

From a single PC to multi-server and multi-domain networks, we will consult, plan, install and maintain your data network and its security.

Email and Internet:

Microsoft Exchange is built to work hand-in-hand with Windows Server and its many versions. Keep everything organized and make shared calendars, tasks and projects available company wide.

Wireless and Remote Acceess:

As wireless devices become more and more prevalent, make sure your wireless security is up to the task of stability and protection, while ensuring employees on the move can stay connected.



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With Christ as our example of servant hood, our mission is to provide quality technical solutions through education, consultation, and support with the goal of establishing long-term beneficial partnerships.