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It’s Never Too Late

Dave posing for the camera, against his better judgement

“It’s never too late”

That’s what they say, right? Have you believed them?

Well instead of just saying it, Dave lives it.

Dave is the co-owner of Computer Systems Plus, in fact he started the company 35 years ago. In the beginning years, Dave started us out as Data Connection Engineering (DCE) and plowed through the early 80’s as a first-time small business owner. Hardships and all, he made it work and produced a service oriented company that prides itself on taking care of it’s customers.

Some of our customers have remained with us all the way up to 25 years!

None of this would have happened without CSP’s fearless leader always striving to better himself and seek out education no matter what stage he is at in his career.

Dave will be retiring at the end of the year, as he hands the reigns over to his son, Rob Glass, who has been the CEO for the last few years.

Despite heading out into the sunset towards his well deserved retirement, Dave just completed a course to be certified in Avigilon ACC 1 Certification for ACC 7, which means, “Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software is easy-to-use video management software that optimizes the way security professionals manage and interact with high-definition video.”

A young Dave in 1988 being interviewed by the East Tennessee Business Journal. Any of that equipment look familiar?

So, why would someone who is about to retire, decide to go get certified in a new advancing software? Here are Dave’s words,

“Some may ask why take a certification course 4 months before retiring. Two reasons, I would like to continue to do technical consulting in the area of video and access control security even after leaving Computer Systems Plus as a full time employee, so staying current on technology is a must.

Something I learned long ago and has allowed CSPlus to stay an active business in the industry for 36 years. Also I have an insatiable appetite to know how things work and am looking forward in retirement to pushing that to the max, and use it to serve the people around me. “

His retirement may not look like most retirements, since he plans to work and learn but that’s the exact attitude that built a company from the ground up and we are all grateful for it.

If you happen to see Dave around town, make sure you congratulate him and shake his hand…he may end up being your consultant one day.



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