Human Error

58% of downtime is due to human error. If you’ve been putting off implementing data protection because you consider yourself in a safe zone, think again. It is far more likely that Patrick in marketing trips on that essential power cord than Mother Nature comes after your server. To sum it all up, if you […]

HAPPY New Year!

Prayers to all for a wonderfully blessed year ahead. Happy 2019! Don’t forget our office is closed January 1, 2019. Emergency service tickets can be opened by calling our main phone number.

We’re Hiring!

Our team is currently looking for our newest member! We would love to work with someone who can laugh just as easily as they can problem solve. Someone who isn’t afraid to work when needed, but also can appreciate the laid-back and balanced environment that comes with small business. We care about our customers, so […]

New Partner Alert: Meet Datto!

At Computer Systems Plus, we believe in aligning ourselves with the best partners. Since we work in an industry that is constantly changing, we have the luxury of occasionally bringing in a new partner that will change it all for the better. Datto is that partner. Accumulated data and storage sizes across the board are […]

Success Story: Centro Hispano

Have we mentioned that we LOVE helping our customers? We recently had the pleasure of working with a great non-profit in Knoxville called Centro Hispano, and are excited to share some highlights from this fun project. Centro Hispano is a non-profit organization and welcoming center for Latino families in Knox County. As common with many […]

Windows 7 End of Support: The Countdown Begins

In technology, there are often terms that don’t translate easily to the layperson. Today’s topic is not one as most people can surmise the meaning of “End of Support.” So, let’s talk about how this relates to tech, specifically Windows 7. If you have not heard already, Windows 7 will reach its end of support […]

Cybersecurity at Home

Many of us have the luxury of great IT support at work (especially CSP customers). Yet, sometimes we don’t have the same amount of IT support and, more important, security at home. Enter Sophos. Sophos is one of our favorite partners, offering unmatched security solutions for our customers. Well, they are offering even more with […]

35th Birthday Party!

We had such a blast celebrating the 35th birthday of Computer Systems Plus during Open Streets. The weather was HOT, yet invited us all to play games, enjoy music, and walk the wide open space of Sevier Avenue. Between birthday games and popsicles, we lost track of the time and our age at this fun […]